Reboot Program

The Reboot Bariatric Coaching Program by Tina

Are you a post-bariatric individual seeking to reclaim control of your health journey and achieve lasting success? Join Tina in the Reboot Bariatric Coaching Program, where we integrate the transformative principles of Positive Intelligence® (PQ®) with personalized coaching to guide you towards reclaiming your health and vitality.

Phase 1

The PQ® Program

In Phase 1 of the Reboot Bariatric Coaching Program, we lay the foundation for your transformation journey. Through the Positive Intelligence® Program, you'll embark on a seven-week mental fitness program designed to strengthen your core mental muscles. You'll receive personalized daily practices through our exclusive app, engage in interactive gym sessions, and participate in weekly support groups led by Tina. By prioritizing your mental fitness, you'll build resilience and develop the mindset needed to overcome obstacles on your weight loss journey.

Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses on re-establishing post-bariatric guidelines to support your weight loss goals. Over seven weeks, you'll undergo a metabolic reset plan designed to help you "reset" your pouch and regain control of your eating habits. Through a combination of Sage Perspective, Saboteur vs. Sage exploration, and other Positive Intelligence techniques, you'll address potential barriers and develop strategies for long-term success. Week 1: Utilize the Sage Perspective to view bariatric goals as a gift and opportunity.

Phase 3

Becoming SAGE using GROW

In the final phase of the program, you'll continue your journey towards becoming SAGE through GROW modules. These modules cover a range of topics including stress management, conflict resolution, energy optimization, leadership, and productivity. You'll have access to daily focus and coach challenge content, as well as monthly live sessions with Shirzad Chamine himself. This phase ensures you have the tools and support needed to sustain your progress and thrive beyond the program.

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Are you ready to reclaim your health and transform your life? Join Tina in the Reboot Bariatric Coaching Program and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. With a comprehensive approach rooted in Positive Intelligence principles, you'll gain the skills and mindset needed to overcome challenges and achieve lasting success on your weight loss journey.

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Week 1

Using the Sage Perspective to look at our bariatric goals through the lens of a “gift and opportunity

Week 3

Reboot Review and Boosting Your Self Command Muscle.

Week 5

Post Bariatric Diet Guidelines review and your commitment to these.

Week 2

The Reboot Phase. 5 days of a “pouch reset” plan—a condensed version of the post operation diet.

Week 4

Using the “Innovate” Sage Gift to uncover ideas for health improvement

Week 6

Saboteur vs. Sage: What may hold you back in achieving your health goals.

Week 7

A Sage Thought of Appetite Regulators and how they affect your success.